The Canberra Climbers’ Association rock climbing, abseiling and bouldering Code of Conduct aims to preserve the opportunity for people to climb, abseil and boulder while conserving our natural resources, maintaining participant safety, and promoting the responsible use and management of climbing resources.

The CCA advocates the following Code of Conduct / best practices for rock climbing, abseiling and bouldering in the ACT region:

  • Stay on walking, multi-use or management tracks
  • Do not – take short cuts or create new tracks, shift rocks or fallen branches, or disturb plants and animals
  • Keep group sizes small (e.g. 13 people or less)
  • Be considerate of other users
  • Take care of vegetation when placing mats for protection
  • Brush any chalk off the rock with a soft-bristled brush when you are finished
  • Carry out all rubbish and practise minimum impact toileting (e.g. by burying human waste, tissues and toilet paper)
  • Respect regulations and closures

The CCA also endorses the following Codes of Conduct, as detailed by analogous climbing and outdoor sports organisations:

New Zealand Alpine Club rock climbers’ Code of Conduct

Outdoors Queensland rock climbing Code of Conduct

Sport Climbing Australia (SCA) Code of Behaviour (PDF 178KB)

Sydney Rockclimbing Club Code of Conduct

Seaside - Point Perpendicular, ACT
Seaside – Point Perpendicular, ACT