This area first saw activity in the early 80s with some good crack climbs and bouldering, but was largely forgotten for 20 years. Then in early 2000 it saw a resurgence of activity thanks to Justin Ryan and Chris Warner who put up over 250 problems making it the largest area near Canberra. This area used to be in a pleasant cool pine forest but has since been burnt and felled and has lost its original aesthetic (but it’s easier to see the boulders now!).

To get there, drive out on the Cotter Road towards the Cotter (a picnic area on the Cotter River). From the the burnt down Cotter Pub near the second bridge, drive about 3km to a right hand turn onto Laural Camp Road, which is immediately after the Vanities crossing road sign and is on a left hand corner. The road is dirt from here. Refer to overview for area locations.

All bouldering routes at Pierce’s Creek

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