The CCA spends considerable behind-the-scenes time and effort managing access for the climbing community, to the ACT climbing areas. The CCA’s access work includes:

  • attending community consultations with government agencies and – where appropriate – preparing submissions to maintain access to climbing areas in the ACT,
  • meeting with ACT Rangers to provide input into such issues as cliff access and cliff care, and
  • disseminating ACT Government notices that are relevant to the climbing community within the ACT.

For example, the CCA is an active participant in the ACT Government’s Recreation Users Stakeholder Group, which provides a regular forum to discuss matters related to active recreation participation and the management of recreation on public land and water in the ACT.

Access to Namadgi National Park, December 2019

Because of high fire risk and the stretching of ACT resources assisting with bush fires in NSW, Namadgi National Park is likely to be closed to the public and for non-essential management activities as follows:

From, and including, Wed 11 Dec 2019 – The Bimberi Wilderness.

From, and including, Mon 23 Dec 2019 – The whole of Namadgi National Park.

The park looks like it will remain closed until substantial rainfall is received. This is estimated to be no earlier than 01 Mar 2020 with a likely extension beyond this date if rain is not received.

Advice from other clubs is that most parks in NSW are closed until March 2020, especially in the north and central parts of the State.

A list of affected NSW National Parks can be found here

ACT Parks and Reserves closures are listed here

Namadgi National Park, ACT
Namadgi National Park, ACT

Climbing access to Red Rocks Gorge and Kambah Rocks

There is a seasonal ban on climbing and abseiling at the Red Rocks Gorge crag, August 1 – December 31, due to the nesting of Peregrine Falcons.

After consulting with ACT Government ecologists and an independent raptor expert, the ACT Parks and Conservation Service Chief Ranger for the Murrumbidgee River Corridor is happy to advise CCA that, as of August 2019, climbing and abseiling at Kambah Rocks permitted year round until further notice.

Previously, circa 1980-90s when the first research was occurring, a seasonal climbing ban applied to Kambah Rocks too, though this was not made 100% clear and the ACT Parks and Conservation Service was less concerned about this area in general.

The ACT Parks and Conservation Service continue to monitor Peregrine Falcon nesting in the area and will advise CCA if any changes to the closure period and/or geographical extent of the closure need to be implemented in the future.

Red Rocks Gorge, ACT
Red Rocks Gorge, ACT

Climbing access to Ginninderra Falls

Ginninderra Falls were ‘The ACT’s answer to Hanging Rock’ – near the city, with a long history of climbing and hordes of tourists. Climbing began at Ginninderra Falls in 1967, with members of the ANU Climbing Club showing interest in the area. Technically in New South Wales, this area was enjoyed by many Canberra climbers, particularly northsiders who have few other crags nearby.

The area was closed to the public in the mid-2000s. Since then, members of the Ginninderra Falls Association have put together a proposal for an area which includes Ginninderra Falls to be made a national park. The CCA will be watching the progress of this proposal with interest.

Details of the proposal can be found at the Murrumbidgee – Ginninderra Gorges National Park website.

Ginnindera Falls, NSW
Ginnindera Falls, NSW


Submissions prepared by the CCA include the following:


Submission by the CCA on the Canberra Nature Park Draft Reserve Management Plan, 15 December 2019 (PDF 469KB)


Namadgi National Park Plan of Management 2010 (PDF 4.04MB) 

Rock climbing and abseiling (extract from Plan of Management) (PDF 176KB)


CCA LHI Balls Pyramid Submission covering Letter, 26 June 2009 (PDF 203KB)

CCA LHI Balls Pyramid Submission, 26 June 2009 (PDF 117.4KB)


CCA Scabby Range Nature Reserve Submission, 8 October 2008 (PDF 165KB)


CCA Namadgi Submission, 28 November 2005 (PDF 51.2KB)


Blue Lake Submission, 27 July 2004 (PDF 41KB)