This area is the closest bouldering to Canberra and is spread out along Cooleman Ridge behind the suburbs of Chapman and Kambah. There are a few quality problems here and the atmosphere is pleasant, although it’s by no means the best bouldering around. Most of the little areas have blue markings on the rock that correspond to the numbers of the topos. This area has been visited by climbers since the early 80s (maybe longer) and there is no real record of names of problems or what’s been done. What’s stated here is by no means a definitive record, but an attempt to make the bouldering here more accessible, so take a walk and enjoy the quiet.

Cooleman Ridge overview

Cooleman Ridge overview

Niblo Boulders

Best to park in Niblo Place in Chapman, walk up the path at the end of the cul-de-sac to the fire-trail, turn right and up the small hill. If you look northish along the ridge, you will see a few more boulders in the distance that have the odd problem as well. All the other areas here are south towards Kambah and Mt Arawang (the big hill).

Niblo Boulders map

This next little area is down the track a short distance from the big water tank towards the river and distant hills. It stars a really good and hard crimp/sloper traverse.

30. V0
31. V0
32. V2
33. V3
34. V1
35. V8
36. V2
37. V2

Niblo Boulders map

The Split Cherry

This area is near the water tank on the south west side of the ridge.

The Split Cherry map

Sun Blocks

This area is on the south-western side of the ridge and has some good slabs.

45. V3
46. V4
47. V5
48. V3
49. V3
50. V3
51. V1
52. V3
53. V1
54. V2

Sun Blocks map

Pony boulders

These boulders are best accessed from the Kambah side of Cooleman Ridge.

Pony boulders map

Horse Paddock boulders

Best to access these blocks from the Kambah side. Park at the yards and walk northish to the little hill.

Horse paddock boulders map

All routes at Cooleman Ridge

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